Order of Free Gardeners

A light-hearted romp into the long list of both Masonic and non-Masonic fraternal orders that to you may be yet unfamiliar. Ill. Bro. Herb Merrick, 33ยบ, IGH will roll away some cobwebs and expose some of the more interesting ways friends could meet on common ground and, in the case of the Free Gardeners, actually take care of the grounds.

This School of Light offering will begin at 1930 hours in the Boughton Memorial Hall Library, lower level. This follows a 1900 stated meeting of the Armed Forces Scottish Rite Bodies in the Lodge Room, 2nd floor.

At this time, only the School of Light will be available online via Zoom. Contact the Secretary if you need login credentials for School of Light or if you have an interest in attending the Stated Meeting online.