James N. Beil, 32º, KCCH

Brother James N. “Jim” Beil, 32º, KCCH, laid down his working tools of this life on May 3, 2021. Our brother provided a pure example of how one of the revered Arts and Sciences of Masonry could change an ordinary region into a ornate pageant befit for a large cathedral when he sat behind the organ at Boughton Memorial Hall. Quiet, friendly, and always with a smile, our brother gave us a gift that still echos in our hallowed halls. Bro. Beil’s obituary can be seen in The Leavenworth Times, but the full accounting of just his Scottish Rite Masonry would fill a volume. His Scottish Rite journey covered more than 50 years. Farewell, my brother. The hall is silent now.

Bro. Jim playing the organ at Boughton Memorial Hall during the Fall Reunion, December 10, 2005