History in the Making

Your chance to become a contributor to history.

Historian and Brother Dick Wright, 33º, IGH, has compiled the most comprehensive history of Masonry on Fort Leavenworth ever produced.  He will be sharing the near-final version with us before he sends this sure-to-be best seller to the publisher. His research has given light to the intricate windings that link Masonry to American History from the early Kansas settlers to modern day heroes in Afghanistan.

Topics include progress on the book, a few holes that still need filling from other Masonic bodies, and  matters regarding publication.  The book will be a source document for generations of researchers to come.  This is your chance to be part of a significant piece of history in the making.

NOTE!!: There is no Stated Meeting until September.  Therefore School of Light is the only thing on the agenda.  The school will begin at 1900 Hours.

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